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Teen Patti

If it is for the intelligentsia, then I am not the one. I beleive in the theory that a good movie must have a good story, tight screenplay and it must be easy to comprehend. "Teen Patti" has a good story but it has been made in such a way that it is difficult to understand and the interest is lost after a point of time. Story does not seem to move after a certain point of time. A very good idea gone horribly wrong.

A message for the user called "Antti Virus" - If you are reading this then please stop behaving like a Virus. You may have different opinion of Big B but please give the respect he deserves. Please avoid disgracing words while criticising him. If you don't understand english (it appears) then here it is for you - Agar aap isse padh rahe hain toh kripya virus ki tarah bartao karna band kar de. Big b ke bare me aapke khayalat alag ho sakte hain lekin unko wo izzat to deejiye jiska wo haque rakhte hain. Unki alochana karte waqt kripya apman janak shabdon ka prayog na karen.