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Team – The Force Music Review


Years back director Ajay Chandok started working on three projects - Nehlle Pe Dehlla, Kisse Pyaar Karoon and Team - The Force. While Nehlle Pe Dehlla eventually got released a few months back, Kisse Pyaar Karoon is still waiting in the cans. Meanwhile Team - The Force will hopefully see the light of the day in a few weeks from now, even as it's promotion continues to be patchy.

Starring Sohail Khan, Amrita Arora, Aarti Chhabria and Yash Tonk in lead roles, the film bears a young look and promises a young score by Daboo Malik. In the end it turns out to be, well, just a promise!

When a track's title goes as 'Chika Chika Boom', one knows that the number is not required to be taken seriously. Add to it opening lyrics like 'Kya Item Hai Re Baap', and you know that you have reached the bottom of the barrel in the very first minute. Daboo Malik comes behind the mike in an attempt to add himself to the growing list of composers turning into singers but he is plain bad here. Period.

Sunidhi Chauhan's rendition is bad, Shabbir Ahmed's lyrics are bad and the overall tune is bad. Just about everything about the song is B A D which makes one dread the very thought of hearing the rest of the album.

Bad times continue with 'Hamara Haal' which aims at being a sensual-n-passionate number but turns out to be nothing better than a poorly composed tune of the 90s. The song is outright boring with even Sunidhi Chauhan's presence failing to make it rise above ordinary. Background arrangements are lifeless while Praveen Bhardwaj's lyrics have deja vu written all over them. In fact by the time the song reaches 'antaras' one is completely through listening to 'Hamara Haal' and hardly cares for what follows next.

For those who swear by the 90s music, there is Anu Malik style 'Kal Tak To' which has Praveen Bhardwaj writing the lyrics again. The song is nothing great to hum around but call it the 'Chika Chika' and 'Hamara Haal' effect on you that even 'Kal Tak' sounds tolerable at least. Still, that doesn't take away from the fact that this Shreya Ghoshal and Babul Supriyo sung so-called-romantic track is plain drag and barely allows you to sit through it.

Well, Daboo Malik had different ideas as he also does a unplugged version of the same song by choosing to coming behind the mike himself. The only piece of consolation for Daboo is that this singing effort of his is better than 'Chika Chika'!

"Ok, so let me also attempt creating a bhangra-dance number" - this must have been the thought of Daboo Malik, who after some lukewarm tracks tries to get your feet tapping with 'Satrangi'. A Kunwar Juneja written track which follows the same route as hundreds of other 'bhangra' tracks in the past have, 'Satrangi' is plain average with hardly anything about it which would make you recommend the album of Team - The Force to your friends. The song comes in two versions, an original with Sunidhi Chauhan and Vinod Rathod coming together for a duet and later Daboo himself giving a solo performance.

Team - The Force easily has some of the most forgettable tunes that one had heard this year. There have been many boring/tuneless albums that have arrived in 2007 but Team - The Force would give each of them a run for their money.

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