5 Excellent


Tashan's music is different,its not the regular run of the mill affair.Songs like Dil Hara,Dance Maare and Tashan Mein are the most rocking songs to have been churned out by bollywood in last many years,apart from Jhoom Barabar Jhoom and Jhonny Gaddar.The great fusion of rock and classical music sets tashan apart from others.It really creates a TASHAN of its own.Falak Tak is a very good romantic number that soothes your heart and calms you down.Chhaliya is another rocker but not in the league of Dil Haara ,Dance Maare n Tashan Mein.Lyrics are fresh and amazingly original.Tashan Mein is a special song.Reminds me of Joshile Ye Shehzaade hain zameen ke.

Bachchan Pandey ka tashan and bhaiyaji ka tashan are brialliant pieces of dialogues,though same cannot be said about Jimmy and Pooja's tashan,the only weaklink in the album.

Overall,Tashan rocks big time,and is going to be one of the biggest success stories of YRF,musically as well as box office wise.