3.5 Very Good

Tarzan Aur Jadui Chirag

Shyam Nagar palace officers panic when their Queen gives birth to the heir of the throne. They bribe the mid-wife to take the child, a boy, and kill him. The mid-wife abducts the child and carries him to a distant forest and throws him in a raging river. Shortly thereafter she is killed by one of the loyal officials of the palace. With the King dead, the Queen flies for her life, and lives the life of a pauper. The child is taken-in by a herd of elephants, who take care of him. Years later, the child has grown up and is called Tarzan (Azad), Son of the Elephants. Tarzan meets with Mala (Sunita), a beautiful young gypsy and both fall in love. She starts to teach Tarzan how to speak as humans do with hilarious results. When palace officials find out that Tarzan may be the heir to the throne they conspire with the gypsies so that Tarzan can be killed by them for violating their law for falling in love with Mala. Watch how Tarzan is captured, held captive, compelled to fight with a lion, a gorilla, and a one-eyed monster - without knowing that the worst is yet to come when he will be pitted against a magical monster-woman summoned by a evil magician named Bon Ping (Sheikh), who will not let anyone stop him from locating a treasure that is buried in the jungle near Tarzan's abode.
Author: rAjOo (gunwanti@hotmail.com)