2.5 Good

Tanu Weds Manu Returns

Nostalgia sets in as the movie begins, taking audiences back to where Tanu and Manu left off in 2011 - their wedding day, setting a fairly good tone for the movie. From commercials on radio to social media, this story has been described as 'the love story of the year', but what unfolded as I watched was what I would describe as the total opposite - the most confusing piece of nonsense that I've seen for the year. Let me break this movie down for you in a nutshell [newlyweds, take notes] - A small town girl married to a man for four years grows complacent in her marriage and uses it as an opportunity to (1) put her husband in a mental asylum (that was totally unjustified in the movie), (2) return to her hometown whilst entrusting someone else to get him out, (3) try to discredit her husband's name by telling the world and their mothers that he was in a mental asylum, (4) try to have an extra marital affair with an ex-flame who wasn't even interested in what they once had, (5) conveniently calling herself his wife when she needed information from his parents or defense against his new 'lover', (6) crying herself to an attention seeking waste in order to refocus his attention on her after he had found a new lover.

In my opinion, Manu had one of the poorest character developments in this story. A man who is supposed to be portrayed as soft, loving, and passively vulnerable ended up being a man who stalked and used a girl much less his age on the sole basis that she looked like Tanu; and played with the concept of marriage after divorce, only to return to Tanu in the end. The biggest disappointment here was that there was NO clear resolution to the marital issues between Tanu and Manu. In other words, she abused his name, indulged in rebellion, then cried a few tears to win him back. Manu therefore ended up looking like an east-to-fool, fickle main lead.

The most sensible character in this movie had to be...wait for it...Pappi. He loved a girl, went to get her, got her (against her will, of course), realised in the end that she coudln't be convinced, and then moved on with his life; all of this in addition to the advice he tried to give to Manu throughout the movie that he so irrationally disregarded.