5 Excellent

Taare Zameen Par

TZP is a rocking movie made by Aamir Khan.It should get awards and it should also get the award of Best Film at the Oscar.All the actors have done a good job especially Aamir and Darsheel.
The story:-
Ishaan Awasthi(Darsheel Safary)is an 9 year old boy who has a world of his own-kites,animals and drawings but his parents don't consider it and they like things like neatness,marks and homework.Ishaan's parents always get complaints from teachers and principal.One day when Ishaan bunks his class he tells his brother that night to right an absent note.The teacher without enquiring signs it.One day his parents are called to the school and the teacher tells that he told a lie.His father decides him to send to a boarding school to be disciplined.He feels that his parents don't love him and he feels why can't his parents think like him?One day an art teacher punishes him for being inattentive in class.He becomes depressed.One day his friend Rajan(Sachet Engineer)who has polio tells him that a new art teacher has took place of the old art teacher.Ram Shankar Nikumbh(Aamir Khan)a person who feels children should be allowed to imagine and then draw.He notices Ishaan not drawing anything.He is also a teacher in Tulip,a school for the mentally retarded.One day he sees Ishaan's copies and gets shocked.He goes to Mumbai and meets his parents and tries to explain that every child is different but the parents don't understand since they feel that children can't become anything after drawing but can become an engineer or doctor after studying only.He keeps an art mela so that children,teachers and parents can show their imagination by drawing.Ishaan reaches there late.At the end Ishaan defeats Ram's drawing.Parents realise that Ishaan though an average child in studies can become a great artist when he turns into an adult.He thanks Ram for regaining his confidence in drawing.