4 Very Good

Ok yesterday me and my friend went for ta ra rum pum,went with zero expectations simply because it is a racing sorta film and we were thinking like it would be like the disastrous Dhoom 2,but we were in for a surprise,the film was a complete entertainer,no item numbers,No hot scenes,but still the film has proven it's worth at the box office,the film is goin good in my city with almost packed crowds.

The film ain't all about racing,i was also confused at first if it was totally a racing kind of a movie,but believe me it has a lot in it,from romance to adrenaline,you can call it as a complete entertainer.

Saif tara rum pum khan

RV aka Rajveer singh is a tyre changer with a racing team in NASCAR till Harry(Javed) the team manager finds racing skill's in him,and he offers him a chance,RV who has great passion towards racing accepts the offer with full heart.Rani Mukherjee plays the role of Radhika a music student.RV wins the season.RV and Radhika fall for love with each other and marries,The get blessed with two kids princess and champ who are played by Angelina idani and Ali haji.They are a very happy lot.

RV meets with an accident one day on the track and gets seriously injured,he takes a break for one year,But finds it hard to gain the rhythm back,he gets fired from his job,he lose all his wealth as a result of failing to pay some debt's,the rest is about RV trying to regain everything he lost,his glory,his family,his home and so on.

Saif and Rani(though i don't like her,she has done good) has done justice to their roles,and the kids too they deserve mention,Javed as usual doesn't come up as expected but still he was ok.
Saif and rani tara rum pum

The music,hmm..all the song's seems inspired from Karan johar movies,but still they are good. there is a scene in a song where RV and family walks on a bridge in new york, If you observe you might find the place familiar,that is because it is the same place where kal ho naa ho was shot,remember SRK walking on a bridge?,the same one.

there is only one thing that is confusing,at the end Javed forms a new team in a day like how is that possible?eek,but still enjoyed it every minute and every second.

My conclusion:TRRP is one of those nicest movies by yashraj after a long time,A must see for all who love their family.

My rating:Something between good and very good

Bottom line:Paisa Vasool