4.5 Excellent

Well...when i went in to see the movie, i have to say as much as i was excited, i did not expect too much from it. Thought it was going to be one of those movies where the under dog comes from no where, and takes the show. I was pleasently surprised.
I think it was a very simple concept and story line, but the way director Sidarth Raj Anand has dealt with the story line, i mean the execution and screen play, he was able to convey a very mature message here. Actually a couple of them, one being you never know when you are going to loose all, and one to never give up and always be your man, ofcourse in the midst of it all there was the family pressures, how you change when you become a family man, and the desperation you feel when you can't provide. Finally, after a long time a movie that was shot entirely in the us but did not show that just because they live there they will have a totally lavish house to live in, and treated the abroads as any other locaiton in India.
On a technical note, the direction was superb. The director was in the skin of his characters, knew what he wanted. The race sequences were suprisingly well executed. The cinematography was beautiful. Specially the song "Ab To Forever" and "Meray Shona". You feel that the team understood each others language.
The performaces were very good, special mention to the child artists, specially the girl. Saif was in good form, but it was because Rani was complimenting him immensely, through out. The only actual time when you see Rani's character as not RV's wife was in her little outburst when she reveals their financial situation to the kids. Another person who needs mention here is Javed Jafferi, complete natural, his role and performance is as important as Saif's, it's like they are two lead males.
The Music was very good, and complimented the story really well, basically situaitonal songs. Which shows that Sidarth being a young director had the guts to do it. Most youngsters would like a commercial soundtrack, his was commercial too to an extent but you can see that the story was the first priority, and not record sales.
On the whole, i would recommend this movie to all of you. Out and out family entertainer, kids will love the car races and all driving sequences (taxi ones), youngsters will feel upbeat and a rush of adrenaline in your system, which will make you want to be a somebody (i felt it), while the older people would be able to relate to the family financial situaitons, and how egos are broken when your child in hungry.
Now you might think, that the movie is getting the hype because of the big stars, but once you watch it you'll know exactly why these big starts are this big. GO FOR IT!