4.5 Excellent

Swarg Yahan Narak Yahan

This is quite Simply one of Mithuns Best Films. Mithun is not regarded as a Great Actor because of his series of Flops in the late 90s. Apart from Disco Dancer, Humse Hai Zamana, Zindagani, Pratigyabadh, Ek aur Sikandar and Phool aur Angaar. This is one of his Best Works. Mithun plays a double role father and son in this movie. The Father Mithun (Police) has a Child after many years, which causes his wife to love him se dearly. The Son gets too spoiled and slowly starts becoming very naughty. After the child becomes to much of a menace the father sends him to boarding school which causes the son to hate his father. The movie moves on to the son whos grown up (as Mithun) and is completely negative. Mithun delivers a Power house performance. The actresses are hardly there, Shilpa is sexy as usual and just there for the song and dance sequence. This is one movie to watch out for. Highly recommended.