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Summer 2007 Music Review


Name Gourov Dasgupta may not really ring a bell. However, if we mention that he is the same man who was behind tunes like 'Dus', 'Jaaniye', 'Aaja Soniye', 'Nach Le Soniye' and 'O Maahiya' from the film Dus Kahaniyaan, it does get noticed.

After a six months wait since the release of Dus Kahaniyaan, composer Gourov Dasgupta is back with his score for Summer 2007. Though the film has taken a little longer to hit the screens (it is 2008 already and the film would be arriving in June this year) and hence in the process has delayed the arrival of the film's music as well, Gourov would be looking forward to his music making a mark yet again.

Gourov makes a good start with 'Jaaniye Teri Ankhoke Ye Roshani' which comes with a poetic feel to it, courtesy relative newcomer Ujjayinee Roy who writes as well as sings this romantic number. While Gourov does well in mixing Western and Indian sounds in this number which is quite pleasant to hear and comes easy on ears, 'Jaaniye' does require more than just a couple of hearing to be grasped due to the multiple layers it carries. A song which has an Indi-pop flavor to it, it also comes in a slow (though not sad) version which in fact goes a step ahead and justifying it's Indi-pop genre.

Two more new entrants, Sharib and Toshi, announce their arrival in the music scenario with 'Jaage Hain Baad Muddat Ke'. Written by Vibha Singh, this is a situational song which is created for the background score of the movie. A soft rock number which is more suited for a peaceful hearing rather than being sung around the town, it introduces a sufi-rock sound towards it's second half which completely changes pitch, hence adding on a different flavor. The song grows as it reaches it's culmination point and makes one look forward to how experimental does the rest of the album become from here on.

A bunch of newcomers, Ujjayinee Roy, Aanchal Bhatia, Bonny Chakraborty and Gourov Dasgupta, seem to be a part of a jam session with the advent of 'I Just want to Fly'. Yet again a number which refrains from being overtly filmy and instead brings on the attitude of urban India with its pop and rock sensibilities, this Ujjayinee Roy written English-Hindi track is well sung and gets the right punch which suits the film's setting. The remix version too has just the right pacing as required for creating the club mood and stays consistent in retaining that effect.

Oops, now where did this one come from? Perhaps it was the requirement of the film's investors that a desi item number like 'Baali Main Sone Waali' was incorporated in the album. A Vibha Singh written number which has Sunidhi Chauhan coming along with composer Gourav himself, 'Baali Main Sone Waali' is made purely for the gallery and audio wise restricts itself to be passable.

A song where a bunch of friends seem to be having a party time while drinking and smoking, 'Kash Mein Kaash Khone Toh De' has a rock setting to it and again doesn't come across as a song which follows a typical Bollywood setting. Rendered by Bonny Chakraborty and Shweta Vijay and written by Vibha Singh, it is yet another number which is made mainly for the background score setting. The remix version that comes later is far zanier and has an extended musical piece at the very onset that helps set the mood for a party outing.

Towards the end, Gourov Dasgupta takes up entirely on him to play the role of composer, lyricist and singer for the title song 'Summer 2007'. With Shweta Vijay as a co-singer, Gourov creates this bona fide English number which turns out to be one of the best of the enterprise. With a right attitude to boast of, this is the one for your high definition music system since it deserves to be played loud. Are we talking about a mass popular number here? Not exactly, but for those looking for a change in the way music for Bollywood films is composed, this is the one, especially so once the 'remix version' gets on a course.

Summer 2007 is an album where expect for a song or two, there is nothing that comes close to how a Bollywood score sounds. While this does restrict the market where the film's soundtrack can penetrate, Summer 2007 does boast of a few tunes which would keep those happy who are in look out for something that is different from routine.

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