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Reel Life Entertainment's STUMPED, directed by Gaurab Pandey, is supposedly a film based on India's favourite game � cricket. But, unfortunately, the film will neither appeal to cricket lovers or those looking for wholesome entertainment.

The World Cup cricket matches are on and some cricket crazy fans in a residential colony are praying for the Indian cricket team to emerge victorious. In this colony reside an army officer [Aly Khan] and his wife [Raveena Tandon].

The husband gets a call to report to Kashmir due to some heavy shelling from across the border. The remaining film runs on two tracks simultaneously � cricket and war.

What could've been an interesting film thanks to a novel idea gets ruined completely due to an unimaginative script and poor direction.

To begin with, the story runs on multiple tracks simultaneously � cricket and war � and at times, a situation like the one witnessed in EK CHHOTI SI LOVE STORY [a kid's attraction to an elderly woman]. Sadly, not a single facet really strikes a chord.

Depicting the craze for the World Cup much after the World Cup fever has died down, serves no purpose. Also, unlike LAGAAN, which actually depicted a match, in this film the match is mostly restricted to showing glimpses on television.

Weaving the army man's saga in the plot was a novel idea, but the implementation is completely lifeless. Besides, this plot being amateurish, makes it appear as forced in the goings-on.

The Summer of 42 angle, however, does bring in a few interesting moments, but not enough to keep the viewer's attention arrested throughout.

Music is the only saving grace of the enterprise, although the picturisation of the songs leaves a lot to be desired. Cinematography is functional.

Raveena Tandon does an okay job, but has not been photographed well. A power-house of talent like Aly Khan is completely wasted. Amongst the character artistes, none register any kind of an impact.

On the whole, STUMPED is a loser all the way.

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