2.5 Good

This Movie is real struggle story of Hockey Star player also called flicker Singh,its a journey to be proud of,but the movie is more of dragged drama and seems half baked , few things are left unanswered, the direction and editing could have been better, screenplay had a lot of stuff that could be eliminated and replaced with the unanswered part ,overall this movie can be termed a one time watch this film solely drives on the performance by the ensemble cast .nnTHINGS TO LOOK OUT FORnn>Diljit As Sandeep Singh has lived up to the expectation and he adds life to this film though its dragged beyond necessity n>The struggle story of sandeep singh and his hardships portrayed is something India is proud of and even you will be proud of a player like him who killed all the odds , physically & mentally , its inspiring journey of a sportsmann>The rest of ensemble cast Starting with Tapsee Pannu , Vijay Raz all have been amazing , Vijay Raz as coach makes us laugh , smile and cry nnEGATIVESnn>Too much drama and too many songs for a biopic making it divert the subject and go off track n>The film is poorly edited , the editor could easily strip down this movie to 1:40 mins elimination unwanted drama and keeping it crispn>Few things remain unanswered and you will be left puzzled nnFINAL VERDICTnnDefinetly not a flop this film can be watched once in the cinemas and feel proud of a brave and strong Sportsman Sandeep Singh who excelled with his will power despite of soo many odds and a major physical break down and made our country proud internationally . Go for it its a one time watch