0.5 Poor

Here is the story of the film- Hero is unliked in his hometown..SO, the villagers sends him to Australia to bring the so called King of Underworld back home. But he turns paralysed in middle..And hero is the king..Hero does good things..and the villian learn lesson.In btwn, Hero meets heroins..falls in love..THTS IT..And Too many useless Sardar Jokes thrown in middle..And saying like, Although Sardar are dumb in nature, they r gud human being.
Akshay jst didnt want to do the movie coz he like the script which there isnt any..He jst did coz he wanted to fame the Truck driver frm which he copied the name "Singh is king"..Akshay does overacting in this movie..Katrina..hardly speaks..and she looks gud but no acting at all..Other sardaar look a alike fellows r hopeless..All in all Sing is King is total crap movie..Jst wastes of time..It jst generated hype..but din live upto it.
Akshay's best comic timing was in Deewane HUe Paagal and hera pheri ..Hes overacting these days..I dunno why..