4 Very Good

Thay-Thay-Thay,all the way it is sound of Bullets that you hear in this Movie.Lakhia had made a Movie of Simple Story in a Dynamic manner for what Hollywood is Famous for doing in almost every Movie.Encounters,Shoot at Sight orders,everytime sound like Thunderstorms struck your ears.From Starting till End Movie maintains a Constant Pace.Sanjay Dutt is Impeccable throughout the Movie in the role of ACP.Vivek Oberoi has played a Life Time Role,he unveils a Splendid face of Gangster in Bollywood.Certainly he has taken the Image of Bad Boys to Seventh Sky.Adrenaline get Pumped when the Song "Ye Ganpat" starts.A Movie Full of Violence and Mouth Watering Star Cast will surely made you to Clap for some Finest Performances.