4.5 Excellent

Hunted by ruthless Agori (Danny Denzongpa), shape-shifting serpents, Pritam (Jeetendra) and Bhanu (Madhvi) are assisted by naive Bhola (Rishi Kapoor), whose sister, Champa (Rekha), married to an abusive gambler, Bansi (Anupam Kher), had undertaken to look after him after the passing of their father (Bharat Bhushan). After losing everything he possesses, Bansi puts Champa up for grabs, loses her to Ganpat, but she manages she flee and purportedly drowns in a river. Bhanu assumes the shape of Champa, assists Bhola in finding a hidden fortune, and hires Pritam as a servant in a newly acquired mansion. Things get complicated after Bhola falls in love with Kamini (Mandakini), the daughter of Lalchand (Raza Murad) who had planned her marriage with Vikram (Dan Dhanoa), and the re-entry of a now virtually invincible Agori in their lives - who will leave no stone unturned to acquire wealth and immortality on the next lunar eclipse.
Author: rAjOo (gunwanti@hotmail.com)