5 Excellent


Shakti starred two of the biggest Actors in Bollywood. Amitabh was becoming the Superstar of Bollywood. Dilip Kumar was the ex King of Bollywood. Imagine Marlon Brando and Al Pacino together delivering the Blockbuster Godfather. That's what you get with the 1982 Classic Shakti. its a simple story of a Father son relationship, where the Son Hates his father to bits, following a incident that happened when he was young. When Amitabh was young he was kidnapped by terrorist in return his father (Police Jailer) has to free the convicts. Dilip Kumar in a sarcastic way tells the Terrorist that he wont release their men and that he doesn't care about his son. Its only that this was recorded and heard by Bachchan JR. This causes a hatred for Bachchan towards his Father. Amitabh in a spectacular performance, but he was beaten in the awards against nominee Dilip Kumar playing his father in the same film. This is yet another Classic must see.