4 Very Good

Sati Pariksha

Vowing to abide by Vikramaditya's principles, Raja Kirtisen (Daljit Rao) dispenses justice by sitting on a sacred throne. When he comes to know that a Brahman's only child is fated to die at the age of 7, he decides to intervene. Vidhashri is displeased and approaches Bhagwan Shri Vishnu, who assures her that destiny cannot be changed. At the age of 7, while the child is getting married, he is bitten by a snake and passes away. Kirtisen approaches the snake, gets him to pledge that it will take the poison back and permits it to reside in his stomach. The snake does not keep its promise and spreads its poison over Kirtisen's body - making him look ill and diseased. While looking for a solution to this issue, he is taken in by the Maharaja's soldiers and asked to get married to Rajkumari Anjana (Chitra), who believes in herself and not in fate. The marriage takes place and the duo set out to try and resurrect the child - not knowing that Vidhashri has approached Dharmaraj Chitragupt and together they will do anything in their power to prevent this couple from fulfilling their mission.
Author: rAjOo (gunwanti@hotmail.com)