3.5 Very Good

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Sam Bahadur starring Vicky Kaushal is an immensely strong film.
We are shown the braveness of Indian soldiers being strong fighting the wars.
Vicky Kaushal as Sam Bahadur show a lot of confidence in the film and has strict dialogues as the main army officer.
After Uri the Surgical Strike Vicky again performs well in his role.
We feel however there is a lack towards those dialogues in such a film which give seeti mar performance.
Vicky Kaushal as Sam Bahadur is a strict and strong army officer who is very strict with his team wearing correct uniform on a day-to-day basis which impresses.
Storyline is okay decent some parts there is a dip which is appreciated but that's okay.
Additionally, when we see this movie, it looks like a 1970 old film the quality had to be improved.
Acting is very strong of Vicky Kaushal.
Plot is interesting.
In the film we are shown group of soldiers taking their arms and head to practice for war etc.
Overall, Sam Bahadur is an interesting film but at parts gets too a boring old documentary too and misses seeti mar dialogues which were required.