4 Very Good

We have had our screening so I will say very strictly that if you do not believe in this you are most welcome do not read it if you want to you can read it, I will tell you what is good and bad in Salaar.
Screening review
Salaar is a decent action entertaining sage with drama and music.
Some points before starting the review.
Important point to note - It has been issued an A certificate.
Not for faint hearted.
Some people will not like it at all. (More of a massy film for mass audience.
Rating is 4 stars from my side I liked it.
First half is little, short as compared to the second half when you watch the second half you might feel that you are seated in the hall since hours.
First half - There is less of action in the 1st half but still some action, but it focusses on story part. We are introduced to the characters in the film. It is okay people can deal with the 1st half. It does not have much of action, but it has some action still but less and the 1st half looks short.
2nd half - It is long, but some audience can deal with it some wont because it has lot of violent scenes shown. I mean if you are an action lover you will love it.
Additionally, some seeti mar moments to but little less.
Acting is strong in areas but could have been little better in areas but otherwise not bad.

The script has an interesting and emotional storyline.

The weak part is for some audience they might not feel the second half well enough you start feeling that there is no story towards second half.

For some audience not all like Animal movie right some liked it some did not it will be same for Salaar.

It has full violence towards 2nd half and little towards the 1st half is okay. Some violence is there in 1st half.
Overall, a paisa vasool film okay to watch for some people it will be a single watch only.