3 Good

Just to inform you we had a special screening held for Salaar.
It is simply an average Paisa vasool mass action entertainer.
Average film. (neither to satisfied nor too depressed).
Decent one time watch for me.

Strong and poor points of the film mentioned below.

The story starts off between 2 friends who grow up as enemies their love shown as kids is good. We are shown Prabhas and Prithvi raj as friend's together which audience might like I am not saying that all audiences but many.

The initial theory is good. So, the basic point of the film I have explained and that's how the film starts however it is very dark which some audience might not like but not all but some kindly note that.

2. Actors' performance - Prabhas as Salaar is good at scenes. However, in some scenes he could have improved by better dialogues but not bad.

3. Drama scenes - They are some in the 1st half but few they are also good entertaining.

Prithviraj as Vardha raja Mannar is strong he is the main villain. He does give a good performance as in every film there is a strong villain required his dialogues are strong and good.

The story is okay average about 2 friends' but nothing out of the world or very great. It is not the worst. It is decent.

However, the emotions lack tremendously. We are shown 2 percent only during the beginning when the friend's give each other hugs. It is shown only when Prabhas and Prithviraj come together and not in all scenes, yes there is a lack.

1st half - It is good initially less of violence which is very good. The basic plot of the storyline is built up and yes, some action you will get to see but more on story building. There are some dark scenes yes. Do you know one thing when the dark scenes were noticed it was thought that the film is made? on some other planet.

Not all scenes but some are in a dark environment.

1st half is good overall however if you don't like much of violence you can leave before the second half it gets too much.

Smoking scenes are shown.

Prabhas entry will give seeti mar performance. There are some seeti mar moments also after interval.

Overall, it is okay few things are good also but not everything.
What impressed.
Songs are very average.
Some action stunts.

What was lacking a bit.
Some emotions.
2ndhalf stretched with unnecessary inappropriate things shown.

Salaar will get mixed review some will give positive some negative on 22nd December,2023.

For some people it will be very good no doubt it is an action film basically so if you like loads of action then it's for you.

If there are any adult womens reading my review and if you wish to watch, I will tell you one thing that your keep your expectations a little low. I am not saying just like that if you do not believe in this then do not believe why I am saying is as lot of inappropriate vulgar action scenes are shown which might disturb you and in some you might have to shut your eyes for men and young adults it's okay, they will enjoy but any women kindly follow.