4.5 Excellent


I liked it! Okay, the script could have been better, trimmed a little, the characters could have been a litlle more fleshed out (but they also aren't in Love, actually!, although I disagree with Mr. Adarsh, I think SEI is only loosely inspired by that film, the stories are quite different). A film with so many stories can only show snapshots. It is a long film, but I wasn't bored, I thought it was pretty funny, sometimes touching, the music, which I already liked before seeing the film gets even better in the context of the film, 2 mass dance scenes are wonderfully colourful - I felt well entertained and my favourite storyline was the one with Govinda.The Anil Kapoor/Juhi Chawla episode doesn't make clear, why he is actually having his midlife crisis and the script puts some very cringeworthy, backward lines in Juhis mouth, that annoyed me. But all in all it's a fun movie, go watch it!