3.5 Very Good


Ok so yes the movie was really really long....but hey when you have about 13 prominent characters, it's bound to be long!!! Overall, some parts could have been trimmed but if you would have trimmed it, it would have looked incomplete. Akshaye Khanna, John Abraham, Salman Khan, and Govinda excel in their roles!!! The girls are all pretty good. Isha Kopikaar and Sohail Khan are wasted completely. The songs are all picturised really well except for Babuji Dheere Chalna, it was really unneeded. The love story between Salman and Priyanka is awesome!! Akshaye's and Ayesha's looks similar to Shaadi Se Phele, but this one is MUCH better! John and Vidya are by far the best actors in this movie, their track is so heart-breaking. Govinda provides excellent comic relief!!! Overall a worth-while movie! Make sure you catch it in theatres!

Luv ya,