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Sadda Adda Music Review



You have near to nil expectations while playing on Sadda Adda. With absolutely nothing known about the film, unknown faces and the musical team (Shamir Tandon, Ramji Gulati, A Band Of Boys) not quite making you jump with joy, one just hopes that there is something in store that would surprise you as a listener.


Shahid Maliya goes solo for the love song 'Sarphira' which actually manages to give a good start to Sadda Adda. The song belongs to the romantic template that one can well associate with the likes of Vishal-Shekhar and Pritam. Turning out to be a song that is easy on ears and basically relying on melody, this sweet sounding number may not be a chartbuster in the making but at least encourages one to listen to the rest of the album. Perhaps the makers too felt the same and hence bring back the song in a 'Lounge Mix' version.

Raaj, Shahid Maliya and Ahan Shah come together for the title track 'Sadda Adda'. Lending the feel of a jamming session where youngsters come together and make merry about their 'adda', this track has a youthful flavour to it but has its prospects relegated to just the film's run in theatres. Raaj, Shahid Maliya and Ahan Shah come together for 'Sadda Adda' that comes in an original and acoustic version.

With none of the two songs so far managing to create any commercial appeal for Sadda Adda, Sunidhi Chauhan and Neeraj Shreedhar are roped in for a quintessential item number. Titled 'Dilli Ki Billi', this one is centred on a 'billi-chooha khel' that hardly passes muster and settles down as yet another forgettable item number that Sunidhi has sung during last couple of years. Yes, Neeraj's entry into the scene does spice up the affairs a little but overall 'Dilli Ki Billi' hardly manages to catch your attention despite being repeated in a 'remix version'.

'A Band Of Boys' come together for 'Aao Saaf Karein' which aims at getting a feel similar to that of 'Aao Twist Karein' but ends up only suiting the film's narrative and that's about it. Yet another track which is not a bad hear but basically carries only a situational appeal, 'Aao Saaf Karein' hardly leaves a long lasting impression.

Ramji Gulati brings himself behind the mike as well for 'Dosti'. A song about friends and the moments shared during togetherness, this one does come across as a non-film number but eventually turns out to be one of the better tracks in the album. Moving ahead at a decent pace with the coming together of Indian melody in a Western set up, 'Dosti' has a much faster (and equally impressive) 'remix' version as well. Later the same song is also presented a little differently as 'Lecture Bunk Karna' though the situational appeal remains intact.


Music of Sadda Adda goes well with the film's genre though lack of awareness means that for the soundtrack to see any brisk sales; it is going to be an uphill task. Even otherwise the songs are decent, though not very good or extraordinary, which would further make it difficult for the music to make it' presence felt.


Sarphira, Dosti

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