5 Excellent


Artistic, beautiful, mesmerizing, and touching. Watching this movie is like watching a beautiful painting sets on a huge canvas.

Welcome to the world of Saawaariya "Khabon ka sheher (the city of dreams)" This is not just a movie but a visual treat that touches your heart and soul, an experience of a life time something that never seen in bollywood before.A modern classic for sure. Hands down to Sanjay Leela Bhansali for creating this piece of art.

The whole movie is sets on a huge stage, a stage of beautiful dreamy city.The whole city is a masterpiece, blue and white paintings on wall, stony roads, dim green lights, bridges, clock tower,gray buildings, everything is a piece of art. even the small details like carving on doors, beautiful artistry on staircases, glass bottles in a shop's window!! that only comes for a second is taken care of. something that you can only expect from Sanjay Leela Bhansali. He is a true genius. An artist who loves his work and it shows in every single frame of the movie. As for the critiques, Yes there is not a single ray of sunshine, or a clear sky in the whole movie, Yes it look like watching a 2-hour play because its meant to be this way!!! hello people cant you see the story is narrated in a style of a play sets on a huge artistic set. may be some people just not clever enough to understand this fairytale which is ahead of it times. Agreed the mood and ambiance is dark here but its not depressing instead its the dreamy the surreal feel of the movie.

Now im going to answer very critic oneby one:

IFM: * Which part of the country is this straight-out-of-a-fairytale town located? And what era are we talking of?

A: Why its so important to locate it on a map?? This is a fairytales and every fairytales starts with..."long long time ago, in a far far away place..." may be its hard to digust for typical masala movie lovers!

IFM: * Even if you subscribe to the theory that it was love at first sight for Salman and Sonam, what is it that keeps their romance going?

A: Have you ever heard about innocence, true love, and faith ?

IFM: * Why does Salman disappear suddenly?

A: Its very easy to add at least 1000 good and valid excuses for his disappearance But its sets in a style of play. unnecessary details are not required, here the simplicity of the story is the beauty of the movie.

IFM: * Why does Rani Mukerji abandon Ranbir, when he comes knocking on her doors and admits that he wants to spend time with her? Why does she lose her temper, although she secretly loves him?

A: Because she really loves him, and she has a heart of gold. How can you even think to expect her to sleep with some one as true and pure as ranbir? this is an innocent love story not a sexapade ride like every other movie!.

IFM * And Salman returns. The sequence that follows and the culmination to the story leave you completely disgruntled and perplexed!

A: whos says love is always about getting something in return? it about giving. its not always about falling in love, bur "RISE IN LOVE"

Experience while watching SAAWARIYA is not sorrow but innocence, feelings of falling in love for the first time. Story of the movie is about an innocent love which touches your heart and stays with you even after the movie ends, and will going to stay with you for a long long time.