1.5 Average


highly dissapointing stuff ..
something not expected from Mr.SLB . i hv always been an arduent fan of his work but this time he has totally ignored the fact that eventually he has made the film for ppl to watch and appreciate but it seems as if he has just brought down his dream on silver screen. its his dream... his imagination which i wud call wild and whacky..... imagine a place like this,no1 knows from where it evolved,whih era is it nothing. there were no mountains or hills but there was snowfall....its a story of some nights then wat did the guy or perhaps the city did during the day time ???? they were all awake during the nights , does that mean every1 slept during the daytime ?? there was no sun but there was snowfall... there was this larger than life canvas....
in short...
"uunchi dukaan feeka pakwan"
the film had glimpses of SHRI 420, CHHALIYA, KARZ, HUM DIL DE CHUKE SANAM, DEVDAS.
but for sure ranbir kapoor , rani n zohra sehgal r the only solace to the movie along with some beautifully shot scenes .