5 Excellent


I have a good idea. We all Saawariya lovers should go together and kill this dumbhead Taran Adarsh.
Saawariya excels in all aspects. Many intelligent people in this review section had answered Taran Fool's questions.

Saawariya is a true masterpiece. One should have both heart, brain and soul to understand the movie.
And I think Taran Animal had lost them.

Even this rascal's views are not going us Bhansali fans to avoid this movie.

I truly say Ranbir and Sonam had become very good actors under the guidance of Bhansali. Salman leaves very strong impacts just from his 10 minutes appearance. Rani is the real queen. She is the bestest like ever. She brings colours into the movie.

Hats off to all of them; especially to Bhansali and Rani.

The movie has all awesome sets, cinematography, choreography apart from excellent acting, songs and music.