3.5 Very Good


The film is not a blockbuster but a lovely nice romantic picture. This is professional film maker.
Don't take Taran review into consideration, this man is biased. The film isn't that bad like he try to make people thought. You can go and watch the movie, and you will that disappoint.
TARAN is anti-Salman, he may not against the whole movies but he never miss the opportunity to crictise Salman, despite salman short appearance of 10minutes, yet he found something wrong in salman. His role is to play an older mature man, his look suit the role.
Have you see salman in Partner, does he looks that old? Wait n watch GTGH, Yuvraaj...
I know taran you are an expert in finding something wrong with salman.
He writes about five lines which he thing wrong in the film, 3 of the 5 lines are against Salman appearance. What a joke.
Hey man Salman plays only 10mins.