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Emraan Hashmi's next may be titled Rush but the film is definitely not arriving in a rush! Though the film has been delayed by a couple of years at least and also gone through a title change, it is good to see some good promotion accompanying it. Well, it is understandable considering the fact the composer here is Pritam who has delivered quite a few chartbuster songs with Emraan over the years. One expects nothing less with Rush either.


Thankfully the indications are right at the beginning that there is absolutely nothing dated about this soundtrack, what with Ash King giving a terrific kick-start with 'Chup Chup Ke'. A love song which is totally into Pritam zone, carries a stamp of 'Made for Emraan Hashmi', has a Sufi base to it, boasts of some very good melody and ends up coming dangerously close to 'Tu Hi Mera' [yet another Pritam-Hashmi combo from Jannat 2], 'Chup Chup Ke' is a winner all the way. While the song to arrive first is the 'film version', there is also an added version which is rendered by Shaan. This one too holds its place quite well under the sun and with Muazzam Beg and Rizwan Ali Khan coming together for some scintillating chorus (for both the versions), you know that 'Rush' is boasting of at least one chartbuster number for sure.

As it turns out, the album has one more chartbuster to add to the fun, what with 'Fukraa' taking an electrifying start. Pritam gets it perfectly right with this club dance number which, as expected, is in the Emraan Hashmi zone. Also, the song is good fusion with Punjabi, Bollywood and Middle East style of composition giving it an added edge. Kumaar's lyrics are in accordance to the mood that is prevalent in the composition and while Jazzy B leads from the front and scores as a singer, Hard Kaur gets just the kind of spice that was required to make this song a hot property for the dance floors.

Tulsi Kumar and Anupam Amod are the chosen ones for the love song 'Mumkin Nahin' which brings 'thehrav' in the album and results in an ear pleasing outing that acts as good filler. Kumaar's lyrics are totally into the filmy zone and he does well for a song that has a soulful appeal to it and ensures that the album stays on to be in the right track throughout. Though this one isn't one of those catchy tracks that find their way to the top of the charts, as a melodic outing it is not a bad bet at all and only add on to the overall appeal of Rush.

Lyricist Sayeed Quadri comes on the scene with a situational 'O Re Khuda' which pretty much appears to be a post-interval 'Oh-realisation-has-struck-me-hard-now' kind of song. A love song with a strong sense of pathos to it where the protagonist is wondering aloud that why God is making him suffer so much now, 'O Re Khuda' lasts for over four minutes though one wonders for how long would it actually play in a racy thriller like Rush. Having said that, the song is decent enough to keep your attention on for sure.

The song which follows doesn't quite succeed in doing so though, what with newcomer Inderpreet Singh sung 'Rab Ka Junoon' turning out to be only for those who are into heavy metal. As is expected from a genre like this, this one has more emphasis on musical instruments coming into play than the true essence of lyrics in the offering by Kumaar. In an album which was excelling in the quietness that it brought along with it, 'Rab Ka Junoon' may just add some value to the film if brought at the right juncture.

Thankfully the album continues on a positive note with Ashish Pandit written 'Hote Hote' turning out to be another enjoyable number. A foot tapping love song by Ash King and Hard Kaur which could well have been composed for Shahid Kapoor grooving in a night club with his dance moves resulting in an electrifying outing, 'Hote Hote' is pretty much into the same space as the title song of Kismat Konnection.


Rush is a good soundtrack where the USP is obviously the coming together of Pritam and Emraan Hashmi. The music of this album holds good even though it was composed quite some time back. It has to make an impression in quick time though since the album and the film release are separated by just a fortnight. However 'Chup Chup Ke' and 'Fukraa' have it in them to allow the album cover some distance at least with better outcome expected if the film turns out to be a success as well.


Chup Chup Ke (Film Version), Fukraa, Hote Hote

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