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Runway Movie Review

Runway Movie Rating

Been there, seen that, moved on. RUNWAY doesn't have anything new to offer, it's a run of the mill action love story recited in the most

routine manner. It reminds you of the Emraan Hashmi starrer AWARAPAN, but it is too ordinary and hardly has anything going in its


Allan [Amarjeet] becomes a contract killer to save his love Melvyna [Deepal Shaw]. Melvyna had unfortunately fallen prey to drug addiction

and was now battling for life, getting treated for drug addiction and other complications which had raised their ugly head due to prolonged

drug abuse.

Allan wants her to live and wants to save her at any cost. He requires money for her treatment and takes the contract of killing the

billionaire casino owner Victor.

The problem is, RUNWAY is handicapped by poor direction [Suniel - Praful]. Besides, the screenplay is too weak since the story wastes

valuable time in ineffective emotions and scenes, whereas the encashable portions have been cut short. Especially the climax, which has been

altered so severely that it gives an incomplete feeling. The beautiful locales of Mauritius too haven’t been explored completely.

Music by Shamir Tandon is dull, except the hit track 'Khuda Kay Liye', which is consistently repeated in the film.

Amarjeet is okay as an actor, but does well in action scenes. Tulip Joshi under-performs. Deepal Shaw is below average. Sharat Saxena has a

minimal role. Shawar Ali puts on an act. Lucky Ali is adequate.

On the whole, RUNWAY is saddled with a weak script and therefore, has limited chances.

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