5 Excellent

Rowdy Rathore

What a terrific entertainment package Rowdy Rathore is!!!!. Akshay Kumar has made a rocking comeback in action and that too in a full on Desi style.
Really Rowdy Rathore lives up to all the expectations on all the fronts like performances,action,comedy and music.
A weak 1st half of the movie is over compensated by a engrossing 2nd half.
Akshay Kumar is as good as you will get in any other movie especially look out for the dialogue delivery of IPS Vikram Rathore.He is back and that too with a solid punch.Sonu is quite nice in the role given to her.Paresh Ganatra as Shiva's pal is super and rest all the characters have done full justice to their roles.
The music by sajid-wajid is perfect to fit for such a desi movie and is supplemented by typical masala steps given by none other than our very old Prabhu deva.
The action sequences are as good as you will get,yes very much comparable to the movies like Dabanng,Singham.
Overall Rowdy Rathore has turned out to be one of the most entertaining movies of all time marking the Khiladi's return to action and his actual return as well.
Missing this movie cant be afforded,yes seeing is 2-3 times can be.
Overall a huge Thumbs Upp!!!!