4 Very Good

Rowdy Rathore

it's a full onn kamaal dhamaal dhoti faad rumaal entertainment.full onn paisa vasool entertainment.indeed an ek ticket double dhamaka .good to see Akshay Kumar in a double role.he has performed very well.Vikram Rathore is amazing.Shiva is average.Sonakshi Sinha is a guarantee card for masala films to do well at Box Office.she is good to watch even though she does not have enough screen time.the story is like some old hindi film but its quite interesting.music is quite good only few songs are catchy rest all just come and go.i cant guarantee whether everyone will like the film but if you enjoyed SINGHAM,DABANGG,WANTED then you are in for ta treat.if you like full on hard core masala entertainment the this one is for you.