2 Average

I'm in my hometown for the Holi. So many of my school friends were going to watch this movie, so I quickly watched the trailer, hated it, but went anyway. No surprise, I got what I was expecting (Hint: its the title of this review). The story was weak right from the start. Naomi called Kabir handsome in the first scene and then in the following scene, she told him everybody calls him handsome in the locality. Woops, thats not the story's mistake, editor must had weak hands or no, director pushed the editors to do it. Whatever the reason, first impression was bad. But, it was not the last bad impression. The whole movie was filled with not so tightly knit scenes; not one, not two, but three item numbers; innumerable no brainers action sequences with five cuts every second and cliché ending. Worst scene was when Kabir was stabbed in the left side of the chest, but nothing happens to him. Is he supposed to have dextrocardia? I will not tell more goofs, it will ruin your movie experience, in case you still wanna watch it.