2 Average

Film starts with amazing cinematography and background score. It felt really gripping with good acting and direction towards the start. Unfortunately, soon everything was dumped and looked haphazard. It's a perfect start for a good script, but here the poor script killed everything. The story never shaped well and kept viewers in doldrums.

Nishikant Kamat way of direction is very interesting. I'm a fan of his earlier ventures and certainly this one was also directorially above average. A little help from the script would've raised the levels. Despite this being a dud, I'll not take anything away from Nishikant. It was a decent appreciable attempt.

The movie provides good memories in terms of acting by the little kid. Right from the start, her role was responsible for sticking the viewers on their seat. John Abraham also starts well but does nothing special through the course of the movie. Shruti surprisingly has no role at all.

Overall, an interesting initial build up that never grows.