5 Excellent

Ever since the first trailer of the movie was out on TV, I was hunting the internet to know more about the movie. There are short patches of effective comedy throughout the movie. The best thing about
the movie is that, it has reached out to the "yet to be explored territory" for Bollywood. The direction is fabulous. The sets for the audition in the movie are well set. I think this movie would have failed in the box office if a movie like this was released 4 to 5 years back. I watched the 3-clock show, and believe me, the show was running full ! These days the "alag" storylines have started gaining acceptance amongst the Indian audience.

The storyline basically revolves around 4 friends connected by music, things that go wrong in between and how they eventually have a reunion and get back to doing what makes them happy. The storyline doesnt have any twists as such. You know whats going to happen in the end, you still yearn to watch how the movie ends. The movie ends with a great song, and I love the background score when Arjun Rampal comes onto the stage for the last performance in the movie. Fantabulous!

The way the story is shown on screen, with frequent references to incidents in the past, keeps your mind boggled and you are always in the "thinking mode" as to why things "in the present" are like the way they are. Eventhough the plot is pretty predictable, the simple story which potrays what usually goes wrong with people who think of setting up a rock band, keeps the movie away from becoming a bore to watch.

The characters are well chosen. Farhan Akhtar looks dashing with his flowing long hair. Arjun Rampal looks refreshingly different. Luke looks good too. The best part is that people have probably never concentrated on the look of the cast so much in the movies. The group truly looks like an aspiring bunch of people who want to make it big.

About the songs, I bought the CD when the music was out. Except for the title song that comes up on the TV every now and then, I hadnt liked the rest of the songs. But after having watched the movie, I have come back home and already listened to all the songs in the movie a couple of times over ! It happens some times that you make a mental picture of the representation of the video in the song, and start to love it.

I rate the movie 5/5. Its a must watch. If you loved Dil Chahta Hai, you will most definitely end up liking, if not loving this movie.