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Roadside Romeo Music Review


Originally scheduled to arrive in summer of 2008, Roadside Romeo finally gets set to release in theaters this Diwali. Though the film's teasers have been on for close to a year, it is only now that the audio has hit the stands. With the film aiming for an October 24 release, one wonders whether YRF is really serious about promoting the music since there are only 3 weeks to go before the D-day arrives. Nevertheless, one plays Roadside Romeo CD, which has music by Salim-Sulaiman, who have recently delivered a good score in Fashion. Jaideep Sahni writes the lyrics.

Title song 'Main Hoon Romeo' is fun which then becomes truly sassy due to the way the entire chorus comes together in support of Kunal Ganjawala. Reminding of the title song of Neal N Nikki (which again had Salim Sulaiman at the helm), 'Main Hoon Romeo' goes well with the confident, bindaas and playful character of Romeo, as the song introduces the character. Later in the album, John Stewart and Salim Merchant create the 'remix version' which is just the kind that could have burnt up the dance floor if spiced up even more than its current state.

A dance number with a touch of seduction comes next, which has been titled 'Chhoo Le Na'. While Sunidhi Chauhan does her job behind the mic very well as the voice of Kareena Kapoor once again, Sudesh Bhonsle does a 'Panchamda' from the 70's. However, overall the song turns out to be just about fine, notwithstanding the entire carnival feel, and even though KK is also a part of the song, 'Chhoo Le Na' doesn't really make you go wild over the composition. DJ Suketu comes up with his own 'remix version' of this track, which has KK leading the charge this time around.

A situational track, 'Cool Cool' is quite boring to listen to, though one feels that visuals may just take it to a different level. Almost conversational in mood, 'Cool Cool' has Javed Jaffrey dominating the show as he comes behind the mike. Pepped up with Western arrangements, 'Cool Cool' has Saif Ali Khan doing rap with Marianne D'cruz and Naresh Kamath being the other singers.

Kunal Ganjawala and Gayatri Iyer come together for the love ballad, 'So Right' which is just made for Saif Ali Khan. Set as a Western melody, this turns out to be the best of the album in quite some time though the chartbuster feel is still missing here. What works though is the serene feel of this romantic song, which should look good on screen, what with two dogs professing love for each other.

Later in the album, the song also arrives as a 100-second theme piece that has been titled 'Rooftop Romance'. No wonder, this one works even more and punctuates the album with the right YRF effect!

One wonders what made the composers go for Kunal Ganjawala, song after song, since 'Apni Dumm Bhi Oonchi Ho' doesn't impress either. Not that any other singer would have made it a chartbuster but some variety may have still helped the cause. Anyways, coming back to the song, it also features Earl Edgar, Jugal Hansraj, Salim Merchant, and Anushka Manchanda though even their collective effort at maximum helps in only waiting for the visuals. Just like 'Cool Cool', this one too is mainly situational with a horde of dogs and puppies having fun amongst themselves.

The songs in themselves are no great shakes and except for a track or two, the remaining just passes muster. Delayed release of the album would take a further toll on the sales of Roadside Romeo. Overall, Roadside Romeo is a barely an OK album where one's hope only rests on the state of art animation (as promised by the makers).

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