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Rivaaz Movie Review

Rivaaz Movie Rating

When you have accomplished actors like Deepti Naval, Vijay Raaz, Upendra Limaye, Yashpal Sharma, Rajendra Gupta, Sayaji Shinde and Alok Nath adorning the posters of a film and also, when you learn that the movie has a new story to tell, you expect it [RIVAAZ] to be a fulfilling experience, cinematically speaking. But neither do bankable actors nor does a thought-provoking premise translates into a riveting fare.

Frankly, neither are the on-screen characters developed, nor is there a cohesive screenplay in place in this amateurish attempt. Right from the writing to the execution of the material, RIVAAZ comes across as a half-baked attempt. Right intentions don't translate into a captivating film, right?

RIVAAZ tells the story of families indulging in prostitution. One such family consists of the father [Rajendra Gupta], mother [Deepti Naval] and daughter Bela [Ritisha Vijayvargiya]. Ritisha dares to fall in love with Rahul [Manoj Biddvai] and in the process, faces the wrath of not just her father, but also the entire village that practices/encourages prostitution.

Though the film has nothing to do with the Padmini Kolhapure - Kunal Kapoor starrer AHISTA AHISTA, RIVAAZ does bring back memories of that wonderful film, since it talks of a young woman wanting to lead a simple life with the man of her dreams. Director Ashok Kumar Nanda had a solid idea on hand, but he lets go of the opportunity with a shoddy script that leaves a lot of questions unanswered. In fact, the narrative is so haphazard and childish that it leaves you sad that the writer and director let go of a great opportunity. If the intention was to shock the viewer with an issue, or perhaps lead to debates, sorry, nothing comes out of this one. Even the songs are juxtaposed in the plot without any relevant reason.

Despite starring fine actors, the film doesn't boast of bravura performances. The accomplished actors are, very frankly, wasted. Deepti Naval and Vijay Raaz specifically deserved a better deal. As for the young brigade, Manoj Biddvai and Ritisha Vijayvargiya, they fail to impress. Meghna Naidu [minus makeup] and Saadhika Randhawa are dull.

On the whole, RIVAAZ is a poor fare.

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