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It is surprising that Ragini MMS actually has a music album to its name. Reason being that for a sex-horror show like this, one expected it to be a song-less affair. In any case, on closer look one realises that there are only two original tracks in the album with a couple of old hits plugged in as well.


Ragini MMS begins with 'Raat Akeli Hai' (Jewel Thief) which has been presented as-is instead of being remixed, as is the trend. Of course it is nostalgic to listen to this evergreen piece of seduction that had S. D. Burman, Majrooh Sultanpuri and Asha Bhosle coming together. It is hard to believe that anyone even from the current generation wouldn't have heard of this song where Tanuja tried to seduce Dev Anand. In the context of Ragini MMS, this one should go down well with the proceedings on screen though one does wonder if it appears on screen for it's entire five minutes plus duration.

Shamir Tandon is the composer for 'Itne Kareeb Aao' which is yet another track about two individuals coming together in the dead of the night. This time around it is the male voice that is heard in the form of Raaj who goes solo for this Virag Mishra track. An average sounding track that moves at a slow pace with minimal instruments in the background, 'Itne Kareeb Aao' belongs more to the world of non-film albums instead of a feature film.

Faizan Hussain and Agnel Boman come up with an all-around show for the title song 'Ragini'. It tries to be on the same lines as title track of 'Karthik Calling Karthik' but can't really come close to the zany mood that was created there. Expect the song to play in the opening credit rolls or as a promotional music video. As a standalone song though it can't be expected to find itself anywhere in one's favourite playlist.

There is vintage fun though when Bappi Lahiri gets into his elements for the remix version of 'You Are My Chicken Fry'. First hard in Govinda starrer Rock Dancer (1995), the song is an absolute riot for it's USP being the inane lyrics that were written by Indeewar. Crooned by Bappi Lahiri himself along with Shweta Shetty, 'You Are My Chicken Fry' is immensely catchy even till date and one can be rest assured that if Salman would have set his eyes on it for one of his upcoming films, it would have been a chartbuster all over again. Don't be surprised if DJs pick this one up at discotheques.


Music of Ragini MMS isn't the kind that results in an album sales soaring at the stands. The two original numbers included in the album barely pass muster though 'You Are My Chicken Fry' does manage to bring Ragini MMS to an exciting conclusion. Wish there was more fun in there.


You Are My Chicken Fry

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