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Rafta Rafta – The Speed

A number of film-makers borrow stories from real life, narrating novel stories in the process. But there continues to be a segment that believes in the age-old formula. Typical masala films, to be precise. RAFTA RAFTA - THE SPEED has an oft-repeated premise and even its execution is far from interesting.

Rahul [Sameer Dharmadhikari] and Akshay [Viraj Kumar] are thick friends. After completing their graduation, both leave for London for further studies. They promise their grand mother that they will concentrate on studies and not get carried away by the glamour.

They reach London and are helped by Johny [Shakti Kapoor] to find an accommodation. Later, Akshay falls in love with Shilpa [Monica Castelino], the sister of a top police officer [Javed Sheikh], while Rahul falls in love with Neha [Urmila Rao], who's guardian Spencer [Rahul Roy] belongs to the underworld.

Neha is constantly harassed by Spencer and she lives under a constant fear. Realizing the facts, they hatch a plan to kidnap Neha and set her free from Spencer's clutches. But a bomb explosion kills Neha and she dies. Both Rahul and Akshay are trapped.

On one hand, the London police is searching for them. On the other hand, it's Spencer. They are on the run...

With an oft-repeated story and a screenplay of convenience, there's not much to look forward to in RAFTA RAFTA - THE SPEED. A number of questions remain unanswered and what's more, there are too many cinematic liberties in the narrative.

Direction [Raj Sharma] is dull. Music [Sen Brothers] is nothing to rave about. Cinematography [Damodar Naidu] is alright.

Sameer Dharmadhikari doesn't look like a student in the first place. Viraj Kumar is no hero material either. The two leading ladies only add to the glamour quotient. Rahul Roy does well. Shakti Kapoor irritates. Javed Sheikh impresses. Shahbaaz Khan is fair.

On the whole, RAFTA RAFTA - THE SPEED is a dull fare.