3 Good

A Shah Rukh Khan film is always special, so as the music of the film. Raees comes up with a warming soundtrack. Apart from the leading composers in bollywood Ram Sampath and JAM8 had composed music for this movie. Lets see what they have done

Laila Main Laila: The recreation of the evergreen track is done perfectly by Ram Sampath. The powerful beats and rendition keeps the game on. A perfect start for the album.

Zaalima: Next up is time for a romantic track. Composed and produced by one of the noted Music Director from South India JAM8. The song takes us to another level both musically and lyrically. Amtabh Bhattacharyas lyrics is a plus for the track while Harshdeep Kaurs rendition is sweet. KR Vaisakh upholds the track with his composition and his production. The vocal chops used by him will hook up the listeners.

Udi Udi Jaye:Ram Sampath’s moderately infectious ‘Udi Udi Jaaye,’ for instance, is uncannily reminiscent of Amit Trivedi’s orchestral and harmonious genius in ‘Shubharambh’ from ‘Kai Po Che’.

Dhingana: Vaisakh has a special talent when it comes to composing the theme songs. He keeps Dhingana Dhingana as one of the powerhouse compositions of the year. The tune of the songs is so energetic uphold-ed by pumping Background Music. He keeps the beat more rustic which a bonus for this track.

Ghammar Ghammar: Ram Sampath’s ‘Ghammar Ghammar,’ unarguably the best song in the soundtrack, is the closest the OST has got to getting the rooted ethnics of Gujarat right. Well composed, flanked by a peppily constructed percussion, the song has camouflaged tones of Punjabi music ably implemented onto it, forcing you to give it a ear too many. This one’s all set to be a regular at every single festival coming up this year.

Saanson Ke: The most melodious track in the movie.
Composed by JAM8( KR Vaisakh) the song, decent at best, is severely misplaced with respect to the general theme of the film, so much so that the potential placement of it in the film is a scary prospective to imagine.

Ennu Naam: The Ram Sampath composition borders on being a very cheap imitation of AR Rahman’s brilliantly produced ‘O Saya’ from ‘Slumdog Millionaire’.

Verdict: Raees is a typical commercial album. With Situational driven songs. JAM8( KR Vaisakh) is up in his mark while Ram Sampath scores too.

Ram Sampath- 2.5 out of 5
JAM8- 3.5 out of 5