4.5 Excellent



Big.. As the big names of the industry are there.. Ajay Devgan,
Ranbhir Kapoor, Katrina Kaif, Arjun Rampal…etc and also the not-so-popular-but-talented
actors like Manoj Bajapai, Nana Patekar..etc.. Not only that.. the theme
“Raajneeti(Politics)” gave a huge expectation for viewers since it is the most
discussable topic in the modern world.

So did it fulfill the viewer’s expectations? I will give a big “YES” to that question.
Why? Simple.. Prakash Jah (Director of the movie) has directed this movie in a
way, that make you shock! Shock by understanding the behind-the-scene
“Games” running in political world.

Another plus point is acting! All the people acting in this movie are not
“Actors”..They are “Politicians”.. You will surely feel like that when watching
the movie.. They are living inside the movie..not acting! Superb!!
Above all is Ranbeer Kapoor and Nana Patekar! that duo are awesome and
create history in acting!!
Katrina Kaif is doing a superb job as a politician..all the others are also just

Another plus point (Yes! Only plus points are there!) is music.. Pritam! You are
too good!! “Bheegi Si” song has become an all-time-favorite of mine.. Other
songs and the background music(By Salim-Sulaiman) are just awesome!!

Are there any minus points? Yes! “Interval”… Coz u will need to finish the
interval ASAP!!

At last.. Raajneeti is a well made film in all aspects.. Like Ghajini and 3 Idiots,
now this movie has become a “comparable” movie with other upcoming
Do yourself a favor! Watch Raajneeti ASAP you can..

Rating: 9/10