1.5 Average


what was prakash jha thinking that we Indians don't watch Hollywood classics or what,there is no worth mentioning that rajneeti is a direct take off from all the godfather movies because it is so much evident on screen that you really don't need to mention it.Right from the characters of Santino Corleone to Michael Corleone's first wife Appolonia,to some of the scenes as well the movie is a kind of a tribute to all the godfather movies,but i am quite sure that all the critics from our country will lap up this duplicate product but they will pan an original attempt like kites,as for the characters of manoj bajpai and ajay devgan,well they are duryodhan and karna respectively with nana patekar playing both the shades of tom Hagen and lord Krishna.Whenever a problem arise in the political scenario they resort to killing and yes the over dosage of sex is well sprinkled right from the first half to the end of the movie,makes me laugh that these same detractors of hrithik roshan were shouting loud and clear on their rooftops about the passionate scenes in kites,and surprisingly this film has passed with an U/A certificate god knows when will india come off from this medieval age and really star appreciating art rather than pulling each others leg like in a game like kabbadi in which India is a champion