3.5 Very Good


Finally the Most awaited Movie of 2011 has been released.You all Must be wondering Does it Lived upto the expectations? Thankfully Yes It does.Thanks to the character of Ra one who is More stronger than G One.Whenever a Movie is being made in the name of a Villain they always took more credit than Protagonist.Same goes with Ra One.Some of the scenes of the Movie you are Bound to take away with you from theater.Ra One is one of The Best sci-fi Movies ever made in Bollywood.It is a roller coaster ride and treat To Watch.On the Flip side Computer Illiterate Viewers Might find it difficult to Understand whats going on and Many scenes are Imitated from Hollywood and Bollywood Movies But Nicely executed though and Climax could have been better.As far as acting is concerned Arjun Rampal surpassed SRK in all departments with ceetis and taalis, Kareena was hardly there in a sci-fi Movie, Satish shah and suresh menon are wasted, shahana goswami looked sexy in the movie,Tom Wu is excellent, Dalip tahil is allright.Music is superb.Background score is incredible.Overall Ra one is a kind of a Movie that has never been tried or made in bollyood before and it has taken bollywood to the next level.It is one of the best Entertaining movies of SRK till date.Don't Listen to Others Just watch it by yourself and Enjoy like how I Did.Recommended.