2 Average


Too much emphasis on the ingredients that went in to the film, but too little care for the end result? At least that's how I felt watching the movie. The best analogy I could give is trying to create a dish out of other tasty dishes like biryani, payasam, dosa etc., by mixing and mashing them together. By ingredients here, I mean all the characters like Lilliput, talking turtle, one eyed monster, the star cast, Visual effects etc., It's as if the makers were focused primarily on adding as much to the mix as possible.

It's a visual extravaganza for sure, but in the end isn't as engaging as one intend it to be, not by a long shot. I can't pin-point any single aspect because it fails on so many levels. For one the talent of so much star cast seemed to have been wasted. Is it the script? Is it the less than stellar songs and BGM? Is it the mismatch between the stars and the script? You decide. What I can say is that it failed to keep me engaged. Goes to show, just throwing in huge sum of money for extravagant sets, visual effects, big stars is not enough to create a successful movie.

Having said all of this I still gave it 4 stars for the bold attempt, which even though is a failed one. I really wished for this movie to match the hype surrounding it because at the end of the day I want our movie makers to think outside the box and such movies are hard to come by these days. I hope the makers can at least get the money they spent on it back, because I don't want the industry to get discouraged from making such movies.