2 Average

Prem Ratan Dhan Payo

Let me put it this way. how do you want to spend your day; roaming around an amusement park with lots of sci-fi rides and fun which is totally techno made or would you like to roam around a beautiful garden with colorful roses and natural aroma. If your taste is natural beauty then this movie is for you.

Let me put this way as well, this entire movie has less CGI compared to the trailer of Dilwale just released.

It's all natural, back to 90s were technology was not so advanced and making grand and glorious sets was only fort of Badjatya. He is indeed in that in 2015 too. Welcome to dances which has 100 dancers wearing same dress and running around in perfect rhythm with each beat. These is all pleasing to eyes. There is a freshness in air, there are less mobiles or selfies or laptops. There is a simplicity, there is an acting. there is a family.

Salman Khan is the khan we have as of now. No other hero comes near him. His charisma is such strong that you will carry him with you when you leave theater. Sonam Kapoor obviously looks younger than Khan but I guess her make-up and clothes give her some age so as a pair they look very cute. And yes she is taller than him and it's evident in quite a few scenes.

Anumap Kher does best, only he could have done justice to this role. However as a royal loyal guard I also felt Mr Bachhan also could have added another layer to this film.

Neil Nitin Mukesh, is treated like a side-liner in this movie, it is sad to see talent like him is given such treatment. Loved him in Johny Gaddar