3.5 Very Good

Preet Na Jane Reet

Wealthy Ashok (Shammi Kapoor) returns home from abroad to his mansion where he lives with his widowed father, Karamchand (Nazir Hussain), who plans to get him married to Kavita (Saroja Devi), the sister of Sharda (Shammi), who does not approve of Ashok. The latter then dons the guise of an impoverished garage mechanic, calls himself Mohan, and successfully woos Kavita. Then he goes to attend a marriage at Jam Nagar - and on his return is accompanied by a beautiful woman named Sheela - who he quite shockingly introduces as his wife. Watch what impact this will have on his father as well as on Kavita.
Author: rAjOo (gunwanti@hotmail.com)