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After a successful heist in Amsterdam, Charlie Mascarenhas and his partner, Riya, then come across a video recording from a gangster, Raj, who had just been killed by the Russian Mafia. In this he relates how the Russians had held on to gold bars worth Rs.1000 Crores that at one time belonged to Romania. With the help of Victor Braganza, Charlie assembles a team consisting of Ronnie, Sunny Mehra, Bilal Bashish, Spider as well as Riya and prepares a plan to steal the gold that the Russians now intend to return to the Romanians. The gang, who have only 10 minutes to steal the gold from a running train, skillfully carry out the heist successfully - but end up facing betrayal and treachery.
Author: rAjOo (gunwanti@hotmail.com)