4 Very Good


PiKU- This one easily could be the best movie of the year till now. Yet the movie is too simple in its treatment, Digging out all the humor from real life the movie make you connect with the characters like you can say - Yes That's How People React In Real World. The movie is based on the relationship between a Father and a Daughter is such a realistic way still you will shocked by thinking that such a relationship has not been displayed before in Bollywood. Bhaskor (played by Big B at his best) is a father who doesn't skip a single chance of irritating his daughter by the problems of his MOTION or you can say in Bengali tone as MOSHAAN. And PiKU in-spite being angry never show her back to her father even risking her carrier just to look after his father. Bhaskor is also too much protective to his daughter , don't want her to get married just because of the fear of getting alone. For which he always reveals the fact to every boy her daughter meet that she is not a Virgin. He also calls her daughter of being ill on a temperature 98.8 degree whenever she was spending a Date with a man. Just because of his father's stubbornness PiKU decided to take him to Kolkata from Delhi that also by a road trip because his father wants it. Here comes the character played by Irfan - Rana Chowdhary. A non Bengali person who is the owner of Rental Taxi company and only driver available to PiKU because other drivers doesn't like the nature of PiKU. Irfan is the main reason why Hindi and English language has been used in the film as the other characters have to speak in a language he can understand , other wise the movie totally felt like a Bengali film or you can say a Bollywood film flavored with Bengaliness (something what i have been missing in BARFI and BYOMKESH BAKSHI) . Soojit Sircar and Raju Hirani are the only two directors in Bollywood who can make a movie with toilet humor and still the movie remains a family film(remember Vicky Doner with sperm having the center of attraction in the movie). In PiKU toilet humor has been taken in its literal sense , as most of the discussion in the movie have the topic digestive system .Infect there was a hilarious scene in which the Bhaskor was describing the colour of his human waste to the doctor and PiKU says "Colour Shades LEKAR KYUN NHI BAITHATE , TAAKI BATAA SAKEN KITNA PERCENT GREEN HEI AUR KITNA PERCENT YELLOW". This line would have gave you an indication how the jokes you will encounter while watching this. Not a single boring moment has been displayed in the whole movie , neither any sad scenes , its a laugh riot with sensibility in it. Deepika is not one of my favorite actress(that doesn't mean i don't like her acting capabilities) but if she will in future can give 3-4 more performance like PiKU then there will be strong chances that she will enter my favorite list. Irfan played the only non Bengali important character who did the job of holding together the other characters also getting the judgmental looks of other. In one scene Bhaskor called him You Non Bengali Chowdhary. But without any doubt its Big B who steals the show. He also became a child who wants her daughter to take care of him for whole of his life like she is her mother not daughter. He wants to get pampered , want the people to bear his stubborn nature. Cinematography has been good by showing freshness of Kolkata and also the Journey. Music although not having chart buster songs work nicely with the flow of the film. Soojit has made a simple and sensible movie. This movie needs to get watched , and there is no reason why anybody will not watch it. The movie ends in a continuation , like in hurry or may be there could not have been any proper ending to compliment the whole movie.. But that's not the point , its not about the destination , its about the journey. So don't think , just go and watch it , its disastrous when non sense masala movies get 100crores of business and movies like PiKU get flop or just an above average business verdict. 8.4/10. By ANuP APu KuMaR