3.5 Very Good

Phhir is better than Most of the over hyped Bollywood Movies these days But Not as Good as 1920 and Haunted.The story revolves around Rajneesh Duggal who tries to Find his Kidnapped wife by taking assistance of Adah sharma who can see future.Where is his wife? Is she Alive? To Know the Answer you have to watch the Movie.Phhir is worth your Money But you will still feel that something is missing and it could've been better.The Backdrop story is Good the reason behind all of this.Music is also decent.As far as acting is concerned Rajneesh has done excellent job once again after 1920 but he becomes pray infront of the weak script.Adah sharma is also good in the role if Not as good as 1920.Roashni chopra Looked pretty in the Movie though her acting was bad.Rest of the casts are hardly there in the Movie.Overall If you have Nothing to do then you can watch this Movie.Don't expect anything like 1920 and Haunted from this Movie or else you will be disappointed.