3 Good

Perfect Mismatch

I am not a reviewer but from an audience perspective heres my take on the film. I realized that the film was hardly promoted in the media. When I saw it, simply because the tv trailer i saw on Star World appealed to me. I was expecting something different. I saw the movie with my mom. I'll start by saying that I quite liked the movie. Its not perfect, but it has a genuine feel to it that i miss in the regular bollywood movies. There were moments that made me laugh and there was a time when Aman (Anubhav Anand) remembers his uncle (Anupam Kher) with flashbacks that made my eyes water. If i were to review it based on my sensibilities, i'd say its a 3 star out of 5.

Maybe I am a sucker for these kind of movies that drive my emotions. What i liked is that it was a simple story and simply told without going overboard.

I was disappointed with a couple of songs in the film, but loved the last song between Anupam Kher and Boman Irani. Overall, the songs were just about ok. nothing great. I loved the scene when Aman (Anubhav Anand), talks to his sister outside his house which is the turning point in his character. Kudos to Anubhav if this is his first movie.