4 Very Good

If a reference is required for a movie where the chemistry between the lead pair makes an ordinary script look extra-ordinary then David Dhawan’s this comic caper will surely be a safe bet. Keep the logic in your girl-friends purse(which never opens); and let ladies do all the thinking (or probably the lack of it). It’s a senseless affair which will still manage to bring smiles to your face.If you believe a good film has some meaningful sensible cinema; then you need to skip this feast as something your system wont be able to digest. Otherwise a “timepass Chalu” product which is definitely going to be cherished for not being vulgar.

If Lara Dutta leaves her presence felt; Katrina enlightens the screen by her sheer presence. If Rajpal Yadav brings smile to your face; then rest of the supporting cast wont disappoint you either. Salman has been used in what he is best at- Looking good (shirtless wonder) and acting with those 3.5 expressions which we have always loved. But its Govinda who makes you roll on your seat with some hilarious acts. He is back on the pitch where he has the PHD to his credit- Comedy! Dhawan delivers another flick from his armory which will make his audience & distributors come out smiling aka his two favourite stars. Music is apt for the genre with title song appealing most. Cinematography is an area where Dhawan movies are constantly improving.

If you don’t know what is Hitch; you can look out for some good timepass.On the whole an entertainer which will find many buyers. Even if the critics will pan it right-left & centre; commercially movie will find resounding success.